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Sign up for all Norpoint Shooting Center Classes are preformed in person with Norpoint Shooting Center Staff as a sign up form is required to attend the teaching seminar.

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Basic Handgun Class

Date: OCTOBER 28TH 2023

Time: 10AM-4PM

Tuition Fee: $150 Per Person

Attendance Limit: 18 Students


There are no classroom or skill prerequisites for this class. All Norpoint Shooting Center courses require the students be at least 21 years of age have a clean criminal history and not otherwise be prohibited from the possession of firearms.

Students should be healthy enough to stand in a shooting range for approximately 2-3 hours and have sufficient hand strength to operate a handgun for that period of time.

Course Requirements/Equipment:

Students are encouraged to bring the following:

Hearing protection (ear plugs, or ear muffs). Can be purchased or borrowed from Norpoint.

Eye protection. Can be purchased or borrowed from Norpoint.

A billed baseball type cap (this protects your eyes from brass) – can be borrowed from Norpoint

A pen and notebook for note-taking.

Comfortable closed toed shoes capable of keeping you comfortable for standing on a concrete floor for approximately three hours.

Students wishing to bring their own guns should bring the firearm in a safe firearm storage container and 50 rounds of ammunition (full or partial metal jacketed ammunition required). Ammunition may be purchased from Norpoint if the selected ammunition type is available.

 A firearm may be rented and ammunition may be purchased for use in the course at an additional cost to the student.



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