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Indoor Range
Indoor range open to the public
Training Center
We have classroom facilities and a full curriculum
Gun Store
Visit our gun store for great selection and amazing prices
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Welcome to Norpoint Shooting Center


Important news for  2018

Rifles now allowed for guests!
-One day rifle fee is $30
- Rifle calibers up to .308 
-Shotguns up to 12 GA (slugs only)
*ammo must be lead core copper jacketed only. absolutely no steel core , armor piercing, or tracer ammo. 


July 21 , 2018 Basic Handgun Register Here

ASI Matches are a great way to participate in fun and friendly tactical shooting scenarios from a defensive standpoint.
ASI welcomes people of of levels of skill to come and participate. This is a great way to elevate your skills.
send an email to ASI@NORPOINTRANGE.COM for more info

**Stay in tune with Norpoint and up to date by checking our FACEBOOK page for all the latest and greatest deals and up to date information.

**Looking to host your next birthday look no further,  Norpoint is opened  to accepting bay reservations check out our Bay Rental tab and download the form if you're interested. Or you can download it HERE.

Shooting Range

The center piece of Norpoint Shooting Center is our range. We have two pistol bays and one rifle range. Each bay has six stations. We allow a wide range of pistol and rifle calibers. Please check with the staff for more information.


The Norpoint Shooting Center is also a training and education center. We have dedicated classrooms and staff of both range and classroom instructors. Our classes focus on many topics from the basics to self defense law.

Gun Store

Looking for a new self defense pistol? A new hunting rifle? Whatever you need, our fully stocked, full service gun store has whatever you need. From accessories to ammunition to a large stock of handguns and rifles, we have what you need.

Social Media

This website is integrated with social media. We are active on Facebook and Youtube and we are expanding with Instagram, Twitter, and more. Take a minute to connect with us on your favorite social media site. Stay connected with Norpoint.

Contact Us

Our contact information is below. This region is also optimized for mobile. Just click the buttons to generate maps, phone calls, and email!