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Action Shooting International

Action Shooting International™, LLC (ASI) events provide an opportunity for common citizens to use their firearms in a dynamic environment.

ASI is a sport, but one that explores relevant “real-world” themes. Recreational shooters, law enforcement officers, civilians with a concealed weapons permit, and those who keep a handgun for personal protection in their home or business should all find ASI events enjoyable and informative.

ASI welcomes “concealed carry” shooters, but a holster is not necessary to compete. Since many gun owners keep a firearm at home in a locked case for self-protection, ASI matches make room for such people to practice with a firearm with that in mind.

The Norpoint ASI Club holds 1 Match each month.

Our Main ASI Match is held on the 4th Saturday of each month at 5:00pm. We use two of the shooting bays and setup 4 Courses of Fire totaling 50 rounds. We can only accommodate 25 shooters.

The Match Entry Fee is $20.00.

We use an Email Registration System. Send an email to to be added to the next match. After we reach our maximum number of shooters, the remaining registrants are added to a Wait List. Registrants on the Wait List, will be automatically registered for the following month's match.

When sending a registration email please include the following:

Subject Line: Norpoint ASI Registration, Month-Day-Year

First & Last Name
ASI Member # or New Shooter
Division & Classification

To learn more about ASI, please take a look at the national organization HERE.

The latest match scores will be disseminated by email and also posted on the ASI website.

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